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F J Geeris

Extreme Mars Imaging

Mars at your doorstep!


Freyk John Geeris started producing his spectacular Mars imagery some 3 years ago in January 2012, after a period of intense study, numerous attempts to increase quality and artistic value and through experimental printing.

Here's his selection of never before seen places on Mars that boggle the mind and inspire the senses. These exclusive prints will surprise both friends and family, as well as business associates during one of their visits to your home or office!

Moreover, some of these images are for the History Books, as they provide the photographic evidence that proves that in an ancient past, Mars was alive and inhabited intelligent beings, apparently much like us, who built large cities designed to impress, with groups of buildings together forming huge sculptures, when viewed from above!

Be one of the first to purchase one or more of these incredible art pieces that mark the beginning of an era of Mars exploration, and the coming to terms of humanity with the fact that not only the Earth isn't flat, but that on the next planet from the Sun, Mars, life ALSO started and evolved an advanced intelligent life-form capable of developing advanced civilizations, but who nevertheless might have been as self-destructive as we are!

Note: Many of the more spectacular images are in 3-D, and therefore 'Metal Print' is most suitable when you make your order. It goes without saying good red-blue 3-D glasses are required to allow for viewing that which has the potential to change humanity's perception of "Life as we know it".

All images copyright 2011 - 2014 F. Johannes Elisabertus Geeris
Source material: Nasa Jpl / Rosmoscos / Mars Photo Imaging


Alien Footprints


Out of the Blue - Mars


Martian Art 1


Alien Building on Mars - 2014


Welcome to Mars


First Clear View of Martian City. 2015


Urbania - Gale Crater Detail


Curiosity Lands on Mars - Touch Down Aug. 2012


Meanwhile On Mars


Wake-up call from Mars




Trillennium Wheel




Ancient Ornate Building Blocks on Mars


Curiosity making its way through Yellow Knife Bay


Secrets of Mars - Gale Crater


First Ever Piece of Plastic on Mars


Beyond Yellow Knife Bay - Curiosity Censored 3D


Mars Metallica One


Plastic on Mars




Curiosity's Labyrinth 3-D


Enter The Dragon I


Giant Dragon complex - Mars 3D


Enter The Dragon II